2 comments on “Week 4 Chapter 4/5 Reading SM379

  1. I am amazed at the amount of children on Poptropica. While I embrace and embody new media, the parent in me has difficulty being OK with this site. Anytime you have a vulnerable audience (children in this case) it open up the opportunity for things to go wrong.

    However, in the context of this class and the book – this site is wildly popular and on brand message. Your thoughts about the world not quite understanding the power SM holds could be accurate. I see too often one’s willingness to give freely their personal information. The next 10+ years will be interesting to evaluate and research.


    • Totally agree Gina on pretty much everything. Kids on the internet just scares me. You can turn away for a second and who know’s what kind of a creep is on that site talking to your kid about who knows what.

      People give out way too much information about everything. You can learn so much about people just by looking at the 140 characters they are allowed to put under their twitter name… weird stuff. In the future we could see a cutback. Who knows?

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